How green is your cloud?

December 16, 2015 in Cloud, Environment

The public clouds run by Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft all claim a commitment to green energy — but the clear leader in this field may surprise you

3 hybrid cloud myths

October 20, 2015 in Cloud

The end game for the big public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google) is 100% pure public cloud. Their goal is to completely take over all on-premise software and infrastructure deployments. So why do we continue to hear “the future is hybrid cloud”, combining the best of on-premise with the best of public cloud? Let’s examine some […]

Why is Google in the cloud business?

October 11, 2015 in Cloud

It’s become accepted that there are 3 main cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft and Google. From those, it’s further accepted that Amazon are the leader, by an order of magnitude. It’s also commonly thought that cloud infrastructure is a low margin business and this one reason is why Amazon is doing so well. Ecommerce is notorious for […]

AWS vs Google Cloud: Flexibility vs operational simplicity

September 26, 2015 in Cloud

I wanted to revisit a theory I first wrote about in my 15 April 2015 e-mail newsletter — how the approach of Amazon Web Services is different from Google Cloud Platform — and add that to my theory on how containers are core to Google’s Cloud Platform strategy. The core theory On the surface, AWS and GCP are very similar, […]

The next big front for cloud competition: Location, location, location

July 26, 2014 in Cloud

Originally written for GigaOm. Now that we’re seeing intense competition in the cloud infrastructure market, each of the vendors is looking for as many ways to differentiate itself as possible. Big wallets are required to build the infrastructure and picking the right locations to deploy that capital is becoming an important choice. Cloud vendors can […]

Network performance at AWS, Google, Rackspace and Softlayer

April 12, 2014 in Cloud

It’s been suggested that Google has a massive advantage when it comes to networking, due to all the dark fibre it has purchased. Amazon has some enhanced networking options that take advantage of special instance types with OS customizations, and Rackspace’s new Performance instance types also boast up to 10 Gbps networking. So let’s test this.