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David Mytton in Iya Valley, Japan

David Mytton was the Co-Founder and CEO at Server Density, a London-based SaaS infrastructure monitoring startup founded in 2009.

David built the original version of Server Density, including the open source monitoring agent and custom time series database used by 700+ customers to manage mission critical IT environments. He grew the company in the UK and US through bootstrapped revenue and subsequent VC funding through to exit in 2018 to a US cyber security business, StackPath. As part of the acquisition, David joined an organisation of 300+ people to lead Product Engineering across a suite of security products generating $200m in revenue from over 1 million customers worldwide. David left StackPath in Dec 2019.

David also founded the HumanOps community in London, San Francisco, and New York with Facebook, Financial Times, Spotify, Yelp and PagerDuty aimed at discussing how to deal with the human side of system operations: on-call, incident response, stress, fatigue, post-mortems and human process design.

Having taken funding from Seedcamp in 2009 (when Server Density was called Boxed Ice), David is an Expert in Residence (unpaid) advising their portfolio companies with CTO-type issues ranging from finding the first engineering hire and scaling processes for product development to creating developer communities and building high availability cloud systems. Seedcamp has 250+ companies across 4 funds worth over $3bn.

David concluded an Environmental Technology MSc at Imperial College London in Sept 2020, with a particular interest in green IT and the energy consumption of computing. He graduated with a Law undergraduate degree from University of Birmingham in 2010.


I write on this blog once per week on tech, startups or environmental technology. You can subscribe by RSS or email. I have also published several academic papers. All my publications are listed here.


I am actively angel investing in early-stage startups, usually alongside Seedcamp. I have a financial interest in the following:

I also hold public stock in several UK, US and global index funds, and cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ether and Ampleforth.


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