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Welcome! I’m David Mytton, Co-founder & CEO of Console, which launched early-2021 to provide the best tools and jobs for developers. I angel invest in early-stage devtools, cloud, and API startups through Console Zero.

I am working (part-time, from Oct 2022) towards an Engineering Science PhD in sustainable computing at the University of Oxford. My work has been featured in the media, such as The Times, WSJ, Financial Times, Fast Company, Computer Weekly, and Sky News.

Whilst completing an Environmental Technology MSc at Imperial College London 2019-2020, I developed an interest in sustainable computing and continued that research on the sustainability team at Uptime Institute, a global data center advisory organization, between Dec 2020 and Nov 2021.

From 2009-2018, I was Co-founder & CEO at Server Density, a SaaS infrastructure monitoring startup. I built the original product, including the open source monitoring agent and custom time series database used by 700+ customers to manage mission critical IT environments. I grew the company in the UK and US through bootstrapped revenue and subsequent VC funding through to exit in 2018 to a US edge computing business, StackPath. As part of the acquisition, I joined StackPath to lead Product Engineering across a suite of edge computing and security products, leaving in Dec 2019.

I also founded the HumanOps community in London, San Francisco, and New York with Facebook, Financial Times, Spotify, Yelp and PagerDuty aimed at discussing how to deal with the human side of system operations: on-call, incident response, stress, fatigue, post-mortems and human process design.

I am an Expert in Residence at Seedcamp (unpaid), a London-based seed fund with 430+ portfolio companies (who also funded Server Density).

Sustainable computing research #

I am researching sustainable computing at the University of Oxford. You may want to check out:

  1. An overview and interesting resources about sustainable computing.
  2. My academic publications on cloud emissions (Nature Climate Change), data center water consumption (npj Clean Water), and data center energy estimates (Joule)
  3. My contributions to the open source Cloud Carbon Footprint project – I implemented the cloud carbon coefficients calculations.

Investments #

My current focus is early-stage developer related startups (devtools, devops, infrastructure, cloud, APIs) where I have made 20+ investments. If you are looking for investment, please see Console Zero.

Prior to Console, my investments include AtmoContingent, Graphy, Gaiascope, Living, MonzoPrimer, SignTime, SinaiStackPath, Sylvera.

Roles #

Current #

  • Co-founder & CEO, Console
    November 2020 – Present
    The best tools & jobs for developers.
  • Expert in Residence, Seedcamp
    March 2018 – Present
    Advising Seedcamp portfolio companies on CTO-type issues. Seedcamp funded Server Density in 2009. Unpaid position.

Past #

  • Research Affiliate, Uptime Institute
    December 2020 – November 2021
    Researching sustainable computing.
  • VP, Product Engineering, StackPath
    May 2018 – December 2019
    Edge computing for +1 million customers with $200m revenue. Joined as part of the Server Density acquisition.
  • CEO & Co-founder, Server Density
    April 2009 – May 2018
    SaaS infrastructure monitoring. Acquired by Stackpath, May 2018.
  • Board Member, SalesSeek
    July 2012 – June 2018
    CRM and marketing SaaS.
  • Senior Technical Strategist, eConversions December 2006 – September 2009
    1 part affiliate / search marketing; 1 part high profile consumer websites.
  • CEO, Olate
    April 2004 – December 2007
    Software development, contracting and web hosting. My first company.

Volunteering #

Education #