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David Mytton in Iya Valley, Japan

Welcome! I’m David Mytton, Co-founder & CEO of Console, which launched early-2021 to provide the best tools for developers. I angel invest in early-stage devtools, cloud and API startups through Console Zero.

Whilst completing an Environmental Technology MSc at Imperial College London 2019-2020, I developed an interest in sustainable computing and continued that research on the sustainability team at Uptime Institute, a global data center advisory organization, between Dec 2020 and Nov 2021.

I am working (part-time, from Oct 2022) towards an Engineering Science PhD in sustainable computing at the University of Oxford.

From 2009-2018, I was Co-founder at Server Density, a London-based SaaS infrastructure monitoring startup acquired by StackPath, a US-based edge computing business. I joined as part of the acquisition to lead Product Engineering, and left in Dec 2019.

I am an Expert in Residence at Seedcamp (unpaid), a London-based seed fund with 430+ portfolio companies (who also funded Server Density).

On this blog

I write on this blog about tech, startups or environmental technology. Some of my top posts:

  1. How much energy do data centers use?
  2. A guide to remote working for startups
  3. How to hire engineers: sourcing candidates

Sustainable computing research

I am researching sustainable computing in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. My work has been featured in the WSJ, Fast Company, Computer Weekly, Financial Times, Sky News and Channel 4 Dispatches. You may want to check out:

  1. An overview and interesting resources about sustainable computing.
  2. My academic publications on cloud emissions (Nature Climate Change) and data center water consumption (npj Clean Water), and data center energy estimates (Joule)
  3. My contributions to the open source Cloud Carbon Footprint project – I implemented the cloud carbon coefficients calculations.

Podcasts & talks

I host the weekly Console DevTools Podcast interviewing interesting people in and around devtools, and have appeared on the Seedcamp podcast twice discussing product teams and SaaS funding.

My recent talks have mostly been on sustainable computing, such as around data center energy and water consumption.

Startup investing

I am an active angel investor in early stage (usually pre-seed and seed) tech startups such as Primer, Sylvera, and Graphy. I’m currently only investing in devtools-related startups such as CloudQuery, Trunk and Grafbase. If you are looking for investment, please see Console Zero, which also lists my portfolio.