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David Mytton in Iya Valley, Japan

Welcome! I’m David Mytton, previously co-founder and CEO of SaaS cloud monitoring startup, Server Density.

I started Server Density in 2009 and it was acquired by StackPath in 2018. As part of the acquisition, I joined an organisation of 300+ people to lead Product Engineering across a suite of security products generating $200m in revenue. I left StackPath in Dec 2019.

I am also an EiR at Seedcamp, a London-based VC fund worth over $3bn (who also funded Server Density). I actively angel invest, usually alongside Seedcamp.

I am studying for an Environmental Technology MSc at Imperial College London (expected 2020) and graduated with a Law undergraduate degree at University of Birmingham in 2010.

Japan is my favourite place to travel so I’ve written a travel guide. I publish a list of my favourite books each year and my top 10 book recommendations for startup founders and CEOs are here.

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