David Mytton

Book Review (4/5) – Travellers in the Third Reich: The Rise of Fascism Through the Eyes of Everyday People (Julia Boyd)

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Hindsight provides a distorted view that anyone visiting Germany during the rise of the Nazi state should have easily been aware of what was actually going on beneath all the propaganda. 

Of course, things are actually more complicated than that. The recent history, beauty of German landscapes and the attitudes of the German people all combined nicely with the increasing volume of official propaganda to make it initially fairly easy to ignore the dark side of Nazi activities. But as things got worse, how is it that people still didn’t see and talk about what was truly happening?

This is a well researched, chronological story that helps to answer that question. Not only does it provide insight into a range of perspectives at the time, it also makes you think how it could apply to modern circumstances. What views are held today about people, organisations and countries that will seem absurd in the future?