David Mytton

Book Review (4/5) – Confessions of A Recovering MP (Nick DeBois)

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This was an entertaining read but didn’t reveal any particularly spectacular insights. I would suggest that the people most likely to benefit from reading it are the constituents of a new or backbench MP. It is quite revealing about how little hard power most MPs actually have, and it all comes down to the soft power of influence i.e. knowing the right people.

For those more interested in politics, the individual stories are interesting but probably not at all surprising. Indeed, those who take an active interest in politics and who want to go into Parliament are probably not the type to be satisfied with remaining on the backbenches for long, and are already approaching things in a different way than Nick DeBois. The first day of becoming an MP is certainly not the day you are elected – it has to start years (decades) beforehand.