Configuring for security, privacy and convenience

October 2, 2018 in Privacy, Security

Balancing security, privacy and convenience is not easy. I’ve spent quite a lot of time figuring out how to configure my various computer systems with this goal in mind. Computers are supposed to make our lives more convenient and you sometimes have to trade privacy for convenience e.g. Outlook processing emails to allow you to […]

The state of secure, encrypted messaging

May 14, 2017 in Security

Everyone should have an expectation of being able to communicate with someone else in a verifiably secure manner. I have a particular fascination with secure communications and encryption and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through my own pragmatic approach to secure messaging. This is my write up of the current state of things […]

Home Office Investigatory Powers regulations consultation response on encryption backdoors

May 12, 2017 in Politics, Security

This is my response to the UK Home Office consultation on the Draft Investigatory Powers (Technical Capability) Regulations 2017, not published online. The draft regulations imply that, once passed, there will be a legal requirement for communication providers to build backdoors into encrypted or otherwise secured systems so that the security services can access messages in real […]

How To Prepare For A Cyber Attack

April 12, 2017 in HumanOps, Security

There’s no predicting when a cyber attack might come, whether it be in the form of a DDoS, a virus, malware, or phishing. It’s therefore important to be constantly vigilant, and prepared for incidents when they do occur.