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Building the Server Density London office – part 2

Originally published on the Server Density blog.

At the end of last year, I introduced the construction of our new office in London. Over a month later and significant progress has been made. The first few weeks always seem like not much is being done but that is when the core foundations are built – the structure, flooring, electrics, plumbing and everything else that gets hidden away. With that now almost completed, we’re almost ready for perhaps the most exciting bit – kitting everything out!

I visited the office last week – the first and second floors are mostly completed with flooring just being finished and the whole interior plastered. The electrics were completed towards the end of last week and this week we’ll see the internal dividers finished, decorating completed with the walls and ceiling painted, the spiral staircase fitted, internet connected, kitchen plumbed in and the initial arrival of furniture.

We’ve ordered some extremely nice custom desks, Herman Miller chairs, a great meeting table and more Herman Miller chairs. Plus some massive beanbags already sitting at my home, ready to be transported. The next, and final post in this series will go into more detail about the choices behind these. We’ve spent a lot of time deciding upon the right work environment. If you’re spending a significant portion of your time in one place, it has to be comfortable and enjoyable!

We’re expecting to move in properly in 2 weeks!

Looking in. Floor being put down, storage cupboard on the left and spiral staircase divider to the right.

Looking out from within the spiral staircase divider. The door allows one to go up and down to the kitchen without disturbing the ground floor office.

Looking up through the spiral staircase hole to the first floor.

Kitchen in the back

Other entrance to the first floor around the back

First floor with stairs up to the second floor.

Looking down the spiral staircase hole

Looking out from the first floor

Back of the second floor