David Mytton

Book Review (5/5) – The Great Degeneration (Niall Ferguson)

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Originally published on Goodreads.

Written in 2012, it’s interesting to see how the degeneration model has played out over the following ~5 years. This has come to a head with Brexit, and the election of Trump. 

China continues to grow and the idea that it will adopt a Western approach has basically been discarded. But can it maintain its approach without the institutions and structures that made the West so successful? Perhaps it is developing its own model.

I am increasingly of the view that a proper study of history is the most important thing for anyone who is interested in politics or business, and wants to avoid the mistakes of the past. The specifics certainly aren’t predicted by Ferguson, but the direction is. All it requires is knowledge and understanding of the key events of history. 

This book isn’t just about historical events, it is about the importance and relevance of today, and to the future. Applied history.