David Mytton

Book Review (4/5) – The Wealth of Nations, Books 1-3 (Adam Smith)

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Originally published on Goodreads.

The most interesting thing for me was how much of what Adam Smith said just seemed like common sense. Of course, that is only the case because of Admin Smith! This work is really the canonical text on how the economy works and has defined what common sense (in the realm of economics) has become.

As I started to read the ~85pg “Analytical Introduction”, I realised that it was actually analysing what was to come, so I think it is better to read the main books first and then come back to the introduction.

There’s certainly some questions about how The Wealth of Nations should be applied to the modern day economy which, especially in the UK, has progressed past manufacturing into services. And it is quite a dense text. But it is amazing to think how relevant much of it still is today.