David Mytton

Book Review (4/5) – Statistics without Tears (Derek Rowntree)

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Originally published on Goodreads.

This is a great introduction to statistics and makes it very easy to understand key concepts with real examples.

I would have given it 5 stars because it’s the first time I’ve read something about maths that I could understand properly almost all the way through. However, on two occasions, the book skipped two topics which forced me to look elsewhere to try and understand them: 1) how to use/calculate chi-square and 2) between groups and within group estimates of population variance. 

In the former, several pages are spent explaining how to use it and then when it comes to the actual calculation, the author just provides the value, saying it’s not necessary to know how it was calculated. In the latter, the workings are not shown for how to calculate the values.

I understand this is supposed to be a high level overview of stats and it avoids getting into the real complexities, but these two oversights were disappointing and frustrating.