David Mytton

Book Review (3/5) – Finite and Infinite Games (James P. Carse)

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Quite abstract, it reminds me of Aristotle painstakingly defining the terms and building them out in order to apply them later. However, whilst the definitions are indeed detailed, the actual pragmatic application of the principles to real life is missing. What is the purpose of philosophy if not to try and understand the real world better?

I enjoyed the writing style and found it easy to read with some excellently descriptive yet concise phrases, and good use of quotations from relevant philosophers. The book begins quite simply and there are some interesting descriptions of common principles such as crime and theft, war and politics, and power in general. Some of the description of the absurdity of some aspects of human society even reminded me of Utopia. However, as it progresses it gets more abstract and I think would benefit from multiple reads to fully appreciate.