David Mytton

Book Review (2/5) – The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon (Brad Stone)

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Originally published on Goodreads.

The first section of the book was interesting – it covers the origin story and how Amazon built up over the years. The remainder of the book seems to repeat itself quite a bit and jumps around various stories which have mostly already been told.

My general impression of Bezos is that he is incredibly driven and was lucky to be able to develop an idea that was successful, despite him. He was then able to capitalise on such extreme success to build other businesses within Amazon. The failures were many but they could be absorbed into the body that is Amazon through the successes of others. To him, people are a means to an end and he doesn’t care about them as individuals so long as they are delivering. This is a very utilitarian approach and seems to match Amazon’s corporate philosophy, too.