David Mytton

Book Review (1/5) – Red Mars (Kim Stanley Robinson)

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Originally published on Goodreads.

After 3 months I am 50% of the way through this, and have unfortunately decided to give up reading further. It is simply too long and I’m not compelled to read any further.

The best part of the book for me was the beginning where they are travelling to Mars, but that part of the book is relatively short. Setting up the initial base on Mars was interesting but it has now skipped quite far into the future and the roaming around on Mars doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Perhaps this was an issue with the Kindle edition but I found chapters of hundreds of pages to be too long. Although there were gaps, it made it difficult for me to find a natural stopping point for reading sessions.

Some of the concepts are interesting – long term space travel, group dynamics, terraforming and life-extension – but I didn’t feel they were really developed in a compelling way.

Since I kept finding myself wanting to read other books, it is now time to give up and spend my reading time on something more interesting.