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Questions for when things aren't working

It’s often called iteration and improvement, experimentation or trial and error. But how far does that approach go? When does the trial become an error? What do you do when things aren’t working?


How to hire engineers: the interview process

The interview process for hiring engineers has 3 goals: evaluating applications for team members now and the future, demonstrating why your business is a good place to work and building a diverse team

A missed opportunity in recruiting

Recruitment is odd in that it usually fails - the most common outcome is the failure of the candidate. But should be an opportunity to show off. Most companies fail at that too.

The SaaS conference marketing challenge

Conference sponsorship and booth attendance is a major (if not the largest) part of SaaS marketing today. It requires a full time team doing multiple conferences every month. That’s not cheap.

The Brexit startup opportunity

With the public sector grappling with Brexit, it is encouraging to see the forces of competition, revenue and profit coming in to propose solutions to bigger issues than how many more clicks can we get on an ad.