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Staying connected to the front line

When was the last time you spoke to your manager’s manager or your company CEO? You can only effectively manage 7-10 people so this post explores how you can stay in touch (with customers and employees) as your organisation grows.

Does having two startup co-CEOs work?

Does having two startup co-CEOs work? What can we learn from the Roman Republic and the academic literature on the effectiveness of co-CEOs?

What types of cleantech startup get funding?

A look at early stage cleantech startups. Does cleantech require venture capital? What cleantech sub-sectors get funding? Where are cleantech companies being founded and funded?

The data behind $49bn of cleantech investment

18 countries have declared a climate emergency covering over 212 million people worldwide. Governments around the world are taking action. Is the private sector responding? How can startups really change the world?

How startups can help combat climate change

There are things we can do as individuals, consumers and policy makers, so why shouldn’t we expect startups to contribute as well? A guide to how startups can help fight climate change.

Cloudflare, free speech and the rule of law

Cloudflare, free speech and the rule of law. Taking advantage of centuries of development of democratic process is better than private, unaccountable censorship from the likes of Facebook.

Tools for evaluating startup business ideas

How do you know whether that innovative idea is actually one worth spending time on? Here are some tools and models I have been reading about to help evaluate startup ideas.