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Focusing on developers

Developers face an onslaught of marketing and an unrelenting velocity of releases to keep up with. This is why we started Console.


Barriers for startups tackling data center energy consumption

There is scope to start something tackling the problem of data center energy consumption. However, there are significant challenges: how to measure the problem, the uncertainty around the current situation, and the limited number of growth buyers.

Opinionated software

E-mail is seeing a wave of innovation. You might think that e-mail is done but opinionated software can appeal to niches of hundreds of thousands of customers. This is how startups can compete today.

Startup Cadence. Academic Cadence.

Startups are an extreme form of business not suited to most people. Academia is the same in its opposites. This is probably why most people go and work elsewhere! I’m glad to be able to experience both.

Startup founder hierarchy of needs

The four core needs that every founder must satisfy, in this priority order, before they can be effective at their startup.