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Paper Notes – RAPL In Action

Notes on the paper Khan et al (2018) RAPL in Action: Experiences in Using RAPL for Power Measurements. Advantages and limitations of the Running Average Power Limit (RAPL) interface.

Sustainable dev environments in the cloud

Is it better to replace powerful developer laptops with cloud dev environments? What is the carbon cost of my software development – builds, tests, deploys, code hosting, dev environments?


Focusing on developers

Developers face an onslaught of marketing and an unrelenting velocity of releases to keep up with. This is why we started Console.


Energy efficiency, edge compute and serverless

We want to encourage more efficient use of cloud resources but designing incentives is hard. That changes with serverless and edge compute. Now energy usage is linked to price.

Opinionated software

E-mail is seeing a wave of innovation. You might think that e-mail is done but opinionated software can appeal to niches of hundreds of thousands of customers. This is how startups can compete today.


Obsolescence forced by software

Perfectly functional hardware, forced into obsolescence by software. Do you always want to use the latest and greatest? What about your users? How long should you maintain software and APIs for?