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Energy Efficiency



How much energy will 5G consume?

5G networks have larger antennas, larger bandwidths, and higher base station density. This means up to x3 more energy consumption. How can the industry expect x20 more energy efficiency by 2030?

Barriers for startups tackling data center energy consumption

There is scope to start something tackling the problem of data center energy consumption. However, there are significant challenges: how to measure the problem, the uncertainty around the current situation, and the limited number of growth buyers.

Energy efficiency, edge compute and serverless

We want to encourage more efficient use of cloud resources but designing incentives is hard. That changes with serverless and edge compute. Now energy usage is linked to price.

How much energy do data centers use?

Globally, data centers were estimated to use between 196 terawatt hours (TWh) and 400 TWh in 2020, or between 1-2% of global electricity demand.