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Data Center Energy


Energy systems and 24/7 carbon free energy

With the grid mix constantly changing, what needs to happen to energy systems to reach the goal of 24/7 carbon free energy? Google has funded two studies to find out.

How much energy does cryptocurrency use?

Is cryptocurrency / Bitcoin bad for the environment? In 2019 crypto consumed 70-90 TWh of electricity globally, with 60-70 TWh of that from Bitcoin mining. What that means for carbon emissions depends on where the mining happens.

Clean energy buying incentives for data centers

Using a marginal emissions-based sustainability score incentivizes migrating workloads to a region with a lower marginal emissions factor. The emissions factor for that workload would reduce, but does it incentivize the deployment of new clean energy?


Dirty data? Carbon footprint of photo storage

An example of poor quality research with flawed assumptions designed as click-bait to get news coverage timed to land during COP26. Deleting a few photos will have zero impact on your carbon footprint.

What is sustainable computing?

Sustainable computing concerns the consumption of computing resources in a way that means such usage has a net zero impact on the environment.