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Company Culture


The purpose of a corporation: sustainability

Maximising shareholder value already implicitly meant considering sustainability but the recent anti-capitalist sentiment is making that even more explicit. “How sustainable is this?” will become a standard part of corporate decision making.

How startups can help combat climate change

There are things we can do as individuals, consumers and policy makers, so why shouldn’t we expect startups to contribute as well? A guide to how startups can help fight climate change.

Cloudflare, free speech and the rule of law

Cloudflare, free speech and the rule of law. Taking advantage of centuries of development of democratic process is better than private, unaccountable censorship from the likes of Facebook.

Hiring for continuous improvement

The definition of what makes a good team should include some degree of willingness to read, research and suggest ideas for how things could be better.

A guide to remote working for startups

Does working remotely work? What examples are there of remote, distributed companies? What should core remote company principles be and what are the challenges of remote work?

Writing as a core company value

As communication is the hardest problem facing any organisation, writing well should be one of the core values for every company.

Communication inside startups - what and how

Deploying Slack (I dislike real-time chat in almost every situation) and having an occasional all-hands does not mean your company is good at communication. So what does it mean?