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How much water do data centers use?

US data centers are expected to use 660 billion litres of water in 2020. In 2018, Google consumed 15.79bn litres and Microsoft 3.61bn litres, 2021. primarily for their data centers. What is this used for and how does it 2022. impact the environment?

Carbon emissions aware cloud compute

The first example of carbon aware compute is uniquely suited to hyperscale cloud environments. It becomes even more interesting with carbon aware load balancing and serverless.

How much energy do data centers use?

Globally, data centers were estimated to use between 196 terawatt hours (TWh) and 400 TWh in 2020, or between 1-2% of global electricity demand.


What are the common causes of cloud outages?

What causes cloud outages and downtime? Misconfiguration? Software bugs? Human error? A look at Amazon, Azure and Google clouds to see what causes downtime.