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What is sustainable computing?

Sustainable computing concerns the consumption of computing resources in a way that means such usage has a net zero impact on the environment.

Standardizing carbon accounting

It is currently impossible to properly compare how sustainable one product is vs another. Pictures of wind farms look nice, but how do you choose which cloud region to deploy (or move) your resources if there is no way to compare them?

How energy efficient is application streaming?

As more applications are run through a web browser, even that is beginning to be streamed from the cloud. Is that the best use of our now highly efficient computers? How energy efficient is application streaming?

Longevity of software

Services shipped with Windows 95 no longer work - ICQ, AOL Messenger, MSN. All shut down. But how likely is that today?

Focusing on developers

Developers face an onslaught of marketing and an unrelenting velocity of releases to keep up with. This is why we started Console.

RECs cannot be used to back claims of 100% renewable energy

Most data center sustainability strategies still focus on renewable energy certificates (RECs). RECs are now considered low quality products because they cannot credibly be used to back claims of 100% renewable energy use

Technology vs philosophy, or macOS vs Linux

I now have to make a decision between having the best, cutting-edge hardware vs the freedom and control to do what I want with the device I spend most of my time on.