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How much does it cost to start a tech company?

One year ago I started playing with some Python code to create our server monitoring tool, Server Density, and formed the company in April 2009 (on the 6th, specifically to coincide with the day the tax year starts), but how much did it actually cost me?

Boxed Ice’s application to Mini Seedcamp London 2009

Originally published on the Server Density blog. Every year Seedcamp runs an event for 20 companies selected from applications and interviews of hundreds to participate in a week of mentoring followed by an investment pitch, and subsequent seed investment in ~5 companies.


Seedcamp 2009 Winner

Originally published on the Server Density blog. As you may have read in the tech media yesterday (The Guardian, TechCrunch), Boxed Ice was one of 6 winners of Seedcamp Week 2009.

Server Density launches

Originally published on the Server Density blog. Our server monitoring product, Server Density, launched into private beta on 9th March 2009, was made public on 6th April 2009 and we are now pleased to announce that the product has now officially launched as a commercial product.

Exposing hidden features

Originally published on the Server Density blog. I met Dave Stone at DrinkTank last night and talking about usability, he said something along the lines of “if you need to explain something to users in writing then it’s not usable”.

Mini Seedcamp London 2009 Finalist

Originally published on the Server Density blog. We are pleased to have been chosen as a top 20 finalist from over 100 startups from Europe to attend Mini Seedcamp London 2009.