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Overestimating AI's water footprint

Researchers need to be more careful about the inputs into their models. Overestimates undermine the goal of reducing the environmental impact of IT.

Influencing the carbon emissions of AI

There is a correlation between the training time and energy consumption, but that doesn’t mean there is a correlation between training time and carbon emissions.

DPhil in Engineering Science

In October 2022 I started a DPhil (PhD) in Engineering Science researching sustainable computing at the University of Oxford.


Value judgments and sustainable computing

Puritan value judgments don’t help and any analysis based on concepts of digital sobriety or arbitrary definitions of waste should be rejected.

Energy systems and 24/7 carbon free energy

With the grid mix constantly changing, what needs to happen to energy systems to reach the goal of 24/7 carbon free energy? Google has funded two studies to find out.