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Energy systems and 24/7 carbon free energy

With the grid mix constantly changing, what needs to happen to energy systems to reach the goal of 24/7 carbon free energy? Google has funded two studies to find out.

Sustainable dev environments in the cloud

Is it better to replace powerful developer laptops with cloud dev environments? What is the carbon cost of my software development – builds, tests, deploys, code hosting, dev environments?

Roman Climate Optimum and energy system resiliency

It’s quite easy to argue that modern civilization is much more robust and resilient than any ancient society, but consider how much of our critical infrastructure is written in memory unsafe languages!

Predictions in energy and computing

Is it a good idea to make predictions about future energy consumption? Even mature public businesses typically only issue earnings guidance for the next quarter. Maybe it’s because predicting the future is hard?

How much energy does cryptocurrency use?

Is cryptocurrency / Bitcoin bad for the environment? In 2019 crypto consumed 70-90 TWh of electricity globally, with 60-70 TWh of that from Bitcoin mining. What that means for carbon emissions depends on where the mining happens.